Guilford Getaway CT Shoreline Full Home Makeover

What was once a weekend home for busy New Yorkers is now being enjoyed during the week too! The personal goal for my client was to make this second house a home, where they could enjoy the peaceful views while reading and cooking, feeling relaxed and entertain weekend guests in a beautiful, comfortable environment. My initial goal was to get a really good understanding of what these folks were about by getting to know their lifestyle, interests, some family history and what kinds of things made them say... oooh  yes, I love that!


This house was a blank canvas with open spaces, a beautiful view and natural light, which made it easy and fun to work with, My vision was a simple Scandinavian feel with lots of natural textures and the essence of the beach. The look was achieved by combining textures, the quintessential beachy blue and white accents and a lot of natural seashore finds. We added personal touches throughout the home by incorporating the clients antique bottle collection, treasured books and family heirlooms.


A beautiful and peaceful view of the

everchanging marsh brings

this interior to life.


The overall feeling is natural and simple with the essence of the beach.



Antique architectural porch brackets support rustic boards from a dismantled 

Old Saybrook barn.



Cozy and simple

guestrooms are bright and welcoming.



"Less is more"

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe